We Help You Grow Your Practice

healthcare-financingOur healthcare financing helps medical professionals in a variety of fields enhance their practice as they see fit. Through working capital, medical equipment leasing, practice acquisitions and debt consolidation, our clients have seen growth and increased business.

Working Capital

Our medical loans can be used to cover a variety of costs, including personal needs and practice expansion. Some benefits of doing business with us are:

  • Terms to 72 months.
  • No upfront payments.
  • No report to the personal credit bureau.

Medical Equipment Leasing

For performing new procedures, or to increase the number of procedures done. Both a loan and a lease can be arranged at the same time, with a number of payment options available. Up to 50 percent may be billed for soft costs.

Practice Acquisitions

Whether buying out a current partner or buying into an existing practice, this kind of acquisition leads to exponential growth. Qualified medical professionals can expect an offer for 100 percent financing.

Debt Consolidation

When a practice has healthcare financing through multiple channels at variable rates, we can consolidate this debt into one low monthly payment. The approval process takes 24 hours, a small cost to make escaping debt a reality.

Contact Us Today

Our healthcare financing application process is on your terms, simply contact us and we will forward you an application or have a qualified professional speak to you in detail.