Fund Your Pre-Sold Merchandise

purchase-orderPre-selling merchandise is a multi-step process, where acquiring and selling goods is often easier than financing the transactions involved. We at Capital Express Solutions can provide purchase order financing whether you are dealing with imports, exports or domestic pre-sold merchandise.

We Offer Top Quality Expertise

Our financial experts are available to work with you, whether you deal in production, distribution, wholesale or resale. We’re also able to provide Letters of Credit for import, export and domestic transactions. At every level of buying and selling goods, we’re here to lend advise and financing. No business is too small to benefit from our purchase order financing, so even if your business is a new start-up or low on cash, give us a call.

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

For a growing business, this kind of fast, flexible financing reduces the need for bank debt and equity sell-offs. Having funds on-hand means you can quickly fill orders and increase your market share by handling larger orders than before.

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Capital Express Solutions aspires to be your most reliable business partner when it comes to financing and growing your business. Our financing experts can work with whatever state your business is currently in and help guide you to where you would like it to be.