Merchant Cash Advance In Bethesda, MD

For Bethesda, MD business owners, there are a number of challenges facing them when trying to secure working capital. Banks and other traditional lending channels have prohibitively high requirements for new and small business owners to access working capital. Additionally, working capital from traditional lenders comes with debt, which compromises credit scores. Capital Express Solutions offers merchant cash advances in Bethesda, MD as a means of sidestepping high access requirements and placing debt on the balance sheets.

Getting A Merchant Cash Advance In Bethesda, MD Is A Debt-Free Solution

Getting a merchant cash advance from Capital Express Solutions is not a loan. No debt will be places on the balance sheets, so Bethesda, MD business owners can preserve their credit ratings. On top of that, there is no collateral requires to access our merchant cash advance program. Merchant cash advances from Capital Express Solutions are designed for business owners who are focused on thriving and growing in today’s competitive marketplace.

Benefits Of Using Our Merchant Cash Advance Program In Bethesda, MD

Our merchant cash advance program for Bethesda, MD business owners can be used for a variety of purposes. Unlike loans, which have a specific purpose, a merchant cash advance can be used for acquiring new equipment, hiring additional staff, purchasing inventory and supplies, paying down existing financial obligations, marketing, or anything else your business needs. A merchant cash advance from Capital Express Solutions is designed to give Bethesda, MD business owners the freedom they require to thrive and grow. Our merchant cash advances feature:

  • No fixed payments
  • No closing costs
  • No application fees
  • No lost equity
  • Easy payback
  • Simple qualification

Merchant Cash Advances Offer Flexible Solutions

Banks and similar traditional lending channels tend to have a “bottom line” approach to financing that locks business owners into a very rigid payment schedule. This creates a conundrum for Bethesda, MD business owners. On one hand, if a business is experiencing a light sales period, then there might not be enough revenue to pay off the loan installments. This puts entrepreneurs in danger of defaulting on their loans. On the other hand, if a business is doing very well, and attempts to pay off the existing balance on a loan ahead of schedule, the bank will levy hefty fees against the business to make up the difference. Capital Express Solutions does not believe in penalizing success. Our merchant cash advance is repaid as you get paid. When a customer makes a purchase from your business and pays with a credit card, a small percentage of the sale goes toward repaying the merchant cash advance. This gives Bethesda, MD business owners the flexibility they require to build their companies successfully.

The Best Merchant Cash Advances In Bethesda, MD

Capital Express Solutions believes that businesses need freedom and flexibility to be successful. Because of this, we are committed to providing the best merchant cash advance solutions in Bethesda, MD. Call our offices today to find out how we can help you reach your goals.