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Learn the benefits of Leasing over Purchasing,
Fair Market Value and $1 Buyout Scenarios

CAPITAL EXPRESS SOLUTIONS works closely with leaders in the technology leasing industry to secure financing for businesses. Our team has worked with over 2,000 leasing customers that span every industry in our economy (healthcare, energy, retail, finance, education, technology, shipping and manufacturing).

Diverse Client Base – We will lease to multi-billion dollar companies and to start-ups. They do business with us because of the rates, flexibility and responsiveness.

Flexible Deal Size – We have financed single deals from $20k – $30 million.

Products We Have Leased/Financed – Storage Systems, Enterprise Servers, Desktop/Network Computers, Printers, Cloud Agreements, Tape Libraries, Software, Multimedia Equipment, Warehouse Equipment, and almost any physical asset you can imagine!


  • Maximize Your Cash Flow: Your monthly lease payment will be lower than other methods of financing. Afford more of the best with leasing.
  • Protect Your Lines of Credit: Lease payments have no impact on your bank credit lines, as they typically do not trigger loan covenants on existing loans. Your borrowing power is preserved for other business opportunities.
  • Realize Tax Advantages: While you should contact your tax advisor, most lease payments can generally be structured as a pre-tax business expense and can be deducted from your corporate income.
  • More Flexibility: As CFO, you want flexibility and when you lease you always give yourself more options. You can buy the equipment, continue to lease it or decide you upgrade. When you purchase the products outright from the beginning you limit your options.

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